David’s Log 

I’ve decided to keep a log of the events, like the captain of ship but with more complaints about my rights and some technical information on the rig overall and how recording and travelling has been going. 

I’ll just dates and general locations as general information. 


Stayed in a nice quaint town last night and slept well after dinner and some reading, went for a walk in the morning and even did a pull up on one of the machines that entice exercise, all before breakfast.  Had some black Russian earl grey tea for breakfast (some fruit and cereal also), it was pretty good but not notably different from regular earl grey but having just finished Napoleon’s 1812 espacpades I like anything Russian.  After breakfast decided to go record and went looking, sometimes it is harder than others and but today after talking to a representative at Antares, who make split charge relay’s (he was very helpful) I went off looking and after not that long came across a few secluded lakes down a road that I was just about able to drive down.  There are quite a  few elements to making music in the way that my spirit animal has chosen,  I am not sure if it is my spirit animal but it is something that I have little control over and it is how I want to do things and so for now that is how I am going to think of it.    Setting everything up so that it works is one of the elements, allowing the electricity required to actually function and allow for the engine to start afterwards also is nice, given that I am usually in remote locations.  Then when everything technical works there is the actual human being element of being able to sing and play guitar in the place that has just been found, and for that music to have some connection with an emotion or merit on its own account, I have disregarded thinking of things in terms of good or bad as they are a judgement that requires objectivity and it is so very subjective in that moment.  I also use a drone, loop station, record everything through a bizarre array of settings and that is that.  The set up went well, fast and relaxed given that at any moment I am expecting someone to come and say, hey, what the filipino are you doing, which actually never happens.  Loop station wasn’t working that great, some repetive buzz of the amp which was exacerbated by loop station but could be all kinds of things.  Turned it off and played, I felt a bit stale despite my good sleep and maybe a bit reserved, I wasn’t wearing my regular 20db earplugs which maybe makes me not realise just how loud I am.  Other than that drone was fun and didn’t fall in the water or crash into megalithic stones.  Think got a bit too much sun but didn’t realise it at the time but was overall a great spot and a decent session, levels on loop were low and haven’t listened to the recording or watched the footage yet.  Recording from Saturday didn’t make it somehow, which was bummer since I played my wee heart out for at least an hour but it is part of the process, meant to set up a back-up recording device today just in case, have a zoom hd which could do the soundcard and also an audio of it as a record, interesting to have new songs come out as often as they do.  Beautiful birds of prey circling today when I was playing, fresh mint in the air and also maybe sewage, it may have been a sewage works, I thought of it as a beautiful lake area, eye of the beholder. ;p

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