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Drongo - Episode 3  

This week sees the first on air time for John M., otherwise known as Johny Milfiger, we also get a sneak preview of some of the Secret Corners Jingles included "Vegan Beef", "You know what it is" and "Tech News (New Shoes)".

Our quest master David gets into a fight with Captain Drongo who is then anaesthetised by Johny. 


Drongo - Episode 2  

Captain Drongo mysteriously manages to use a computer generated voice translator to sound just like David and then analyses the difficulties associated with David's travel and stuff.

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Drongo -Episode 1  

Introductory Episode 1 of the Drongo podcast with one simple aim of getting David to Sydney in January 2019 through the help of listeners and some careful analysis of the world by Captain Drongo and his ever developing Australian accent.

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