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Back in the North 

Arrived into Rosslare last Thursday and the weather was pure stinkin'.  The drive home was a challenge, not to mention my unhealthy reliance on my Tom Tom which decided to take me through Dublin city centre at rush hour as the fastest way home.  I cursed it and I was reminded of the passage in the Art of War, never challenge an Army on it's way home, that is what it felt like and I was initially a very polite driver iin Dublin but soon realised it was a dog eat dog world out there and the knock on effect of one poor driving manoevure by one person was taken out on a another innocent party driver in another.  I was glad to get back on the road and get up for some Fish Pie and a sleep.  Met a very interesting man on the ferry and we hit it off immediately, he told me all about his life, his daughters, his passions and we managed to while away the journey no time, there is really very little to do on that ferry at that time and the "Cinema is running on Irish Time" had some irony in that it didn't seem to be open at all.  I bought a roll mat and had a much better sleep than any seat could afford, the price of a cabin is not worth it, I'm happy to rough it if the savings are justified.  So far since I've been back I've had the chance to pop in to the new Matchetts in Belfast, played a gig in Newcastle in the Anchor with all of my favourite guitars and got the chance to catch up with lots of people and then had a family get together yesterday after a swim and catch up with my Nephew who is full of beans.

Now I am organising a recording space and also going to edit the video footage from the Drone from over the last few months and hopefully also get some recordings organised so that I can release in January which would be great. 

Playing next week in Bangor with Scorpion Jack, the week after we are playing for a Yoga workshop in Ormeau Baths and then the week after that at a Boat for a birthday party in Killinchy but that will be a solo gig, I like the name Canon Preston but maybe I should really be looking at calling it something different, even though I would like to be a character in 2000AD with a dog collar calld Canon Preston and my White Rhino Gibson Baritone SG by my side.

Ed, from the boat was telling me all about different auctions where they sell some pretty nifty bits and pieces such as, fire engines, trailers, cars, heaters, all manner of things.  I was looking up some of them last week and they are looking fairly excellent, I wonder if I will buy any of them, I know I shouldn't but a fire engine for 1500 is a tempting option, even if the storage space at the back isn't that great.  I should look up fire engine conversions and see what comes out.  I totally dreamt about it but it is the last thing I was looking at before I went to sleep.

Going to head out to late night art in Belfast next Thursday and possibly do something this Thursday in Belfast as well, maybe bump into you then.